Power & Water is built on innovation. We are progressive - committed to the development and introduction of new market-leading technologies and improving upon the breakthroughs we have already made.

We believe we have a responsibility to make water cleaner. Water is the world’s most important natural resource – without it life cannot exist and industry cannot operate. Here at Power & Water, we have a unique opportunity to transform the way in which we treat water through our technology and we have chosen to act.

Soneco® is proof of our passion. The technology, which originates from our own R&D, provides a groundbreaking new method of water treatment that, for the first time, has made electrochemical solutions effective, efficient and affordable for all businesses.


STEM Cymru events, organised by the Engineering Education Scheme Wales (EESW), are hosted annually to motivate young people to choose a career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM). Power & Water have taken part in and sponsored their annual 6th Form Awards and Presentation Days over the last five years.

Power &Water have been impressed with the ability of our 6th form pupils, especially with Bryntawe School teams, who have participated with Power & Water for three years. Such collaborations between industry and education, and the hands-on experience they can provide, we believe are invaluable for future innovation.


Poor manure management is known to cause pollutants, however, by extracting nutrients from manures we can protect the environment and save money in labour costs. The Welsh Government has tasked Power & Water and Coleg Sir Gâr’s Gelli Aur agricultural campus to provide a solution.

The project aims to address the agricultural industry’s impact on the environment by reducing the risk of pollution and producing treated water for agricultural use. The study is focused on reducing the risk of air and water pollution at the same time as maximizing the recycling nutrient value. This will allow farmers to use the nutrients from slurry in a more effective way and save costs through targeted application of the end product.