Municipal wastewater treatment process using effluent treatment plant for the treatment of wastewater, sewage treatment, phosphorus removal (p removal) using an alternative to chemical and biological treatment of wastewater.  


Soneco®, our liquid chemical-free water treatment system, offers a uniquely efficient and effective solution to your sewage treatment, phosphorus removal (p removal) and other municipal wastewater treatment processes. In summary, Soneco® offers all of the positives of electrochemical water treatment (high effectiveness, liquid chemical-free, safe, sustainable), without any of the drawbacks (high energy consumption, regular maintenance).  

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Our Soneco® system offers you a liquid-chemical free sewage treatment and municipal wastewater treatment process for the treatment of municipal effluent and phosphorus removal. Using Soneco® brings the following benefits to your business:

  1. Validated for p removal 
  2. Reduction of other contaminants
  3. Minimal operation
  4. Negligible downtime (no disruption to works) 
  5. Flexible control options include: auto, fixed, profile, flow/load 
  6. Reduced iron failure risk 
  7. Environmentally-safe 


With our Soneco® mine water treatment plant, we can provide your business with the following mining wastewater treatment needs: 

  1. Pre-biological treatment for load reduction
  2. Treatment of recalcitrant organics 
  3. Phosphorus and nutrient removal 
  4. Tertiary & quaternary treatment 
  5. Water recovery & reuse 
  6. Sludge enrichment


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Municipal wastewater treatment process for waste water, sewage treatment, phosphorus removal (p removal) using an alternative to chemical and biological treatment of wastewater.

“A pleasure to work with this innovative company. Results have been consistent and reliable with a definite potential on small wastewater sites where the ideal solution for P removal has not yet been found. This process certainly provides an answer to be considered and P&W have been very receptive to our demand”.

Cecile Stanford, Process Capacity Engineer – Integrated Planning
Southern Water