The DB Series is the flagship range of reactors in the Soneco product portfolio

Combining electrolysis and ultrasound in a single reactor provides unparalleled water treatment performance and efficiency for safe and effective electrochemical reagent generation on-site. The DB Series of reactors have wide-ranging treatment capabilities, simply by changing the electrode material. The stand-alone, modular reactors (DB1, 2 and 4) can be connected and installed in series or parallel arrangements to accommodate various site PE, flow rates and treatment performance parameters.

In general, for an average strength waste 1 electrode (DB1) is used for 10m3hr-1 and 4 electrodes (DB4) for 40m3hr-1.


  • Small, robust and modular configuration allowing high flow volumes
  • Compact design aimed at high viscosity liquids
  • No liquid chemical or polymer required for coagulation and pH correction
  • Highly dewatered sludge production
  • Supplied as a factory-built, plug-and-play solution
  • Easily installed alone, or retro-fitted to existing overloaded/underperforming plants
  • Easy-change electrode plates
  • Available with on-line parameter monitoring and control
  • Includes adaptive control and remote access monitoring, control and automation