The DB Series are our range of Soneco® electrolysis reactors.

Our reactors are at the heart of our liquid chemical-free, environmentally friendly water treatment process, Soneco®. With their built-in ultrasound technology, the reactors are able to maintain peak efficiency for longer at reduced energy consumption. They are highly flexible and offer a range of treatment processes according to your needs. 

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  1. Combines electrolysis and ultrasound in a single reactor
  2. Provides unparalleled water treatment performance
  3. Efficiency for safe and effective electrochemical reagent generation on-site
  4. Wide-ranging treatment capabilities simply by changing the electrode material
  5. Modular reactors (DB1, 2 and 4) can be connected and installed in series or parallel arrangements
  6. Accommodates various flow rates and treatment performance parameters


  1. Small, robust, and modular configuration allowing high flow volumes
  2. Coagulation and pH correction is chemical and polymer-free
  3. Highly dewatered sludge production
  4. Easily installed alone or retro-fitted to existing plants
  5. Easy-change electrode plates
  6. Available with on-lone or autonomous monitoring and control
  7. Predictive maintenance warning system

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Soneco® DB-4 Reactor