Soneco; Power & Water’s patented, award-winning sono-electrochemical technology is leading the field in contemporary water treatment. The novelty of combining both electrolysis and ultrasound in a single, modular design adds to its versatility and ability to create a revolution within the industry that is effective and highly efficient.

Its compact design makes it the ideal choice for small to medium works, whilst its modular construction caters for much larger treatment works. The Soneco system can be installed as a stand-alone system, easily integrating to existing treatment processes, or used in conjunction with a number of proprietary processes offering truly unrivalled environmental performance.


Pioneers of electro-based water treatment systems, P&W offer a wealth of experience and expertise. Our specialists will match the precise solution required for your technical and operational challenges, will assist with process design, integration and technical support, and provide the means to help you safeguard the environment and reduce overheads.

Our in-house expertise includes engineering, power electronics, software and MEICA. We use our own, exclusively designed power control units, adaptive controllers and intelligent software to ensure that Soneco delivers unsurpassed treatment capabilities with lower capital, operational and maintenance costs.

To discover how our expertise and technologies can help your company, simply contact us.