Soneco uses a low-carbon, low-voltage source of power to obtain the safe and controlled generation of water treatment reagents on-site.

Reactive water treatment reagents are metered precisely and directly into the process stream – simply by varying the electric current that is applied to the electrodes, in a controlled and calculated manner. This novel, fast and controllable treatment system uses a state-of-the-art, in-house designed Power Control System (PSU) to ensure fine-control of the system and its ancillaries and ensuring high-efficiency and reliability. P&W’s high performing, robust and resilient systems originate from extensive knowledge and over 30 years combined experience and expertise in process control, automation, electrical engineering and ultrasound for clean technology developments.


  • Flexibly adjusted to the performance requirement and bespoke to the project at hand i.e. the quality and volume of water to be treated.
  • Highly efficient with a power factor of >0.93. The energy consumption will depend on the nature, and concentration of impurities
  • Output power ranges between 200 and 1500 Amps, depending on application.
  • Ideal for use with renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro electric power