Municipal wastewater treatment process using effluent treatment plant for the treatment of wastewater, sewage treatment, phosphorus removal (p removal) using an alternative to chemical and biological treatment of wastewater.  


Soneco®, our liquid chemical-free water treatment system, offers a uniquely efficient and effective solution to your sewage treatment, phosphorus removal (p removal) and other municipal wastewater treatment processes. In summary, Soneco® offers all of the positives of liquid chemical water treatment (highly effective, simple process), without any of the drawbacks (safety concerns, costly on-site builds, polluting chemicals).  

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Find out how our solution works and what processes we offer within the municipal sector.


Our Soneco® system offers you a liquid-chemical free sewage treatment and municipal wastewater treatment process for the treatment of municipal effluent and phosphorus removal. Using Soneco® brings the following benefits to your business:

  1. Validated for p removal 
  2. Reduction of other contaminants
  3. Minimal operation
  4. Negligible downtime (no disruption to works) 
  5. Flexible control options include: Auto, Fixed, Profile, Flow/Load 
  6. Reduced risk of iron consent breach
  7. Environmentally-safe 


With our Soneco® mine water treatment plant, we can provide your business with the following mining wastewater treatment needs: 

  1. Pre-biological treatment for load reduction
  2. Treatment of recalcitrant organics 
  3. Phosphorus and nutrient removal 
  4. Secondary & tertiary treatment 
  5. Waste recovery & reuse 
  6. Sludge enrichment

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